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Casa Morana: We cultivate the taste

Casa Morana is a company born in the province of Ragusa, in the small village Cava D'Aliga. It is an innovative company which works towards , through the ethics and excellence, becoming the leader in the production of high quality tomato sauces. The best tomato sauces are made through the use of high quality raw material obtained following our values of tradition and innovation. Fresh tomatoes, natural ingredients, artisanal work, genuine products: we ensure that the traditional taste isn't altered witouth adding any additives or preservatives. The tomatoes, which are directly cultivated in our greenhouses, just picked up, are carried to the transformation lab, where it is transformed and conserved through artisanal methods without using any machinery. Every year during the summer our grandparents used to work in the same way in order to conserve the best of the summery production all year long. Artisanal processes but also a continuous research and innovation of the products, ensure that our products will get better and better.

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Masseria Dauna is an Apulia company that cultivates tomatoes and olives on the Dauni Mounts, between Apulia and Basilicata: from the tomatoes conservation we give live to our tomato purees, tomatoes naturally conserved and high quality sauces.

Masseria Dauna was born thanks to the Pozzuto Sister's desire to re-discover and preserve the ancient Apulian tastes and traditions. It was funded among the hills of the Dauni Mounts in 2001, the agricultural company do its best to maintain alive the typical Apulia cultures: Tomato and Olive. It follows faithfully an philosophy which supports the natural and seasons cycles. Masseria Dauna tomatoes are harvested only when they're at the right stage of ripening and they're processed following the original traditional recipes, using natural ingredients without any preservative or colouring in order to maintain the sweet and intense taste of tomatoes as most authentic as possible. Among pur conserves you can find the tomato puree, natural whole peeled tomatoes, the Spaccatella, and ready- sausages with bell peppers, aubergine or onion.

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Casa Morana: a reference point for quality and genuineness in Italy, Europe and World

Casa Morana is a Sicilian company placed in the province of Ragusa. During the production and the transformation of our conserves, we work not to alter the raw material to maintain it as much natural as possible. So we don't add any additive or preservatives to our products: the tomatoes are directly cultivated in our greenhouses are already pleasing and sweet when they are on the plant. As soon as they are harvested, it is brought in the transformation lab, where through artisanal methods without the use of any machinery it is transformed and conserved. As our grandparents used, every year during the summer, we work all the year to conserve the production of this period. Artisanal processes but also a continuous research and innovation of the product: through the constant comparison with the customers and the Michelin stars-rewarded chefs with who we are constantly in touch, we do our best in oder to improve our products.

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Agrigenus belongs to "Slow Food Praesidium" which unites the gastronomic excellences produced respecting the tradition and environmental sustainability

Among the typical tradition the SAN MARZANO DOPO tomato is certainly one of the most famous. The Denomination of Protect Origin (DOP) "Pomodoro San Marzano from the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino" is reserved to that tomato which: respect the conditions and requests established by the rules of the production and transformation disciplinary. We respect the natural biologic cycle of the tomato, with a particular attention concerning the maturation. The harvest of the fruits is exclusively hand made when they have reached the complete maturation, and it takes place in different rounds. The peeled tomatoes San Marzano D.O.P Agrigenus presents the advantage of being packed by the producer itself. The carrying out of eco sustainable processes, the membership to "Slow Food Praesidium", allows us to satisfy the ones who love the high quality cooking and want to know how we eat.

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Bicolombini: Biologic Tomato Sauces

The conserves Biocolmbini are realized following few but fundamental rules: quality, simplicity and love. Ingredients quality, simplicity in the preparation and love for the tradition. These are our guide values since 4 generations that make the taste of our conserves unique, perfect for every type of preparation.

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Where are all of the chianina beef and cinghiale ragus??
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Do you ship to the United States?
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User: Louis Victorino ( 06/03/2016)
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Order for 6 cotechino Negroni. Unable to proceed with payment. Instruction required. Thank you
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