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La Torrente " the brans is known as guaranteed quality and genuineness".

Since the beginning attentive to the scrupulous control of the whole production chain: from the tomatoes coming from only Italian cultivations that follow the method against the GMO, to the processing and packaging of the fresh product during the production season. La Torrente brings on the table of the whole world the perfume of the Italian tomatoes in all their shapes: sauce, pulp, peeled, cherry tomatoes until the S Marzano Tomato PDO of the Agro Sarnese Nocerino special reserve dedicated to Don Peppe Torrente. From the choice of an 100% Italian tomato, to the care of the alimentary safety (every day the grounds are analyzed). Everything is controlled during each production phase, to guarantee the consumers the best possible quality.

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BioColombini: The Biologic Tomato Sauces

The Biologic tomato BioColombini is picked fresh. Tomato pulp and sauces are prepared with processing methods passed on through the time, following the ancient Tuscan agricultural and culinary tradition. These products are processed as less as possible to leave unaltered all the characteristics of the fresh just picked tomato. The Biologic Tomato Sauce is more suggested for food that require long cooking, prepared with hand picked tomatoes, it has the intense perfume and the delicate taste of the agricultural and culinary Tuscan tradition. The Biologic tomato Pulp has and intense perfume and the delicate taste, prepared with processing methods passed on through the time, following the ancient Tuscan agricultural and culinary tradition. The Biologic sauce with basil BioColombini distinguish itself from the others for its intense aroma, able to exalt every recipe. The Biologic sauce with red hot chilli pepper is an appetizing alternative to give an extra touch of taste to your recipes.

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Piennolo Cherry Tomato P.D.O from Vesuvio

This extraordinary tomato grows in bunches which almost touch the ground. Conserve it hung in a fresh place and it will keep for 4 to 6 months. The brunches mature, that is to say the tomatoes have the characteristic of losing water slowly without going bad, due to its thick skin. The taste results acid\sweet, especially as it concerns the conserved tomatoes, this makes them fit for characterize many recipes of the Neapolitan cuisine, because it is transformed in sauce too. This is why it is the ideal for a pasta recipe or with fish.

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Masseria dello Sbirro “Welcome back Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” – available again on our website.

The “Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” are one of most ancient and typical product of Campanian tradition. A fresh product without preservatives that is produced by hand following the typical traditions of the Vesuv region. The “Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” is distinguished by its firm peel, the firm attachment of the tomato to the bunch, its high sugar and acid contents and content of soluble solids. Thanks to this requisites, the tomatoes are suitable for a ling preservation without altering the organoleptic characteristics. This peculiarities are determined by the microclimatic conditions, which are typical for the geographic growing area of the tomatoes. The soil is of volcanic origin and was formed by the eruptions von the Vesuvius and Somma.

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Masseria Dauna: Peeled Apulian Tomatoes

The final product is obtained from fresh tomato, an healthy and mature product that comes from the local farmers. Tomatoes are picked by hand and then processed in the next 3 hours. They're carefully washed, cooked and peeled by hans, put in glass vases and undergo bain-marie for the conservation. Tomatoes are picked only when their maturation is at the right level, Masseria Dauna tomatoes are worked following the original recipes of the tradition, with completely natural ingredients and totally without any preservative, in order to maintain the authentic sweet and intense taste of tomato. Among the preserves you can find the "passata" (tomato sauce), peeled tomatoes. the "spaccatelle" and many other ready-made sauces.

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Do you have a distributor in the USA so I may purchase your products for my store Thank You
Vinny Orlandela
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User: ( 11/10/2017)
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Where are all of the chianina beef and cinghiale ragus??
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User: jmccahill ( 12/07/2016)
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Do you ship to the United States?
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User: Louis Victorino ( 06/03/2016)
Category/Topic Peeled PRUNILLI cherry tomatoes with sieved tomatoes - Az. Agr. Paolo Petrilli


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